Friday, October 28, 2011

ABC Scripture Challenge with Patter Cross - #22 - Value

For this fortnight Patter, gave use the word "Value".

I feel the verse I have chosen to use is a very important one to keep in mind when the things of this world get us sidetracked. All the nice things we see and have really do mean nothing in comparison to the importance of knowing Jesus.
Right now, my husband and I are doing a Bible Study on Biblical Stewardship, which is really teaching us that we own nothing..... all that we have is because God has provided it for us.  So we should use what we have wisely and not wastefully. We need to place value on what we can do with the things we own to bring glory to our Lord.

For my digital art I used a kit called " Make the Time" by Connie Prince.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ABC Scripture Challenge with Patter Cross - #21 - Useful

This fortnight the word given by Patter for our artwork is the word " Useful". When I went searching on BibleGateway for a verse to use on my page at first I could not find something that stood out to me to use. Then I checked what was in the Amplified Version of the Bible and found the scripture I have used.
How true it is that really we cannot be useful to the Lord if our lives are full of bitterness, wrath etc.  Finding this scripture plus a good book I am reading at the moment have helped me stop and look at myself and realise I have not been very useful to the furthering of God's Kingdom lately.  With the Lord's help I will now get back on the right track and be the witness for Christ that I need to be.

For my digital art I used  a kit called Fruit of the Spirit by Connie Prince.