Tuesday, June 18, 2013


The hymn that Patter has given us this time is one that I know I have sung in Church. Not often but when I look at the words the tune comes to my mind.
I chose to share part of the second verse on my digital page along with a scripture which I feel goes well with the words of the hymn.
It is so important in this day when there is so much false teaching ( even in the Churches ) that we claim the words in the hymn and ask God to help us only take notice of the "voices of truth". He has given us an open ear as stated in the scripture but we need to be only taking note of the truth and not letting our ears and minds be filled with things that the Lord does not want us to be concerned about.
I know how often I fail in watching and listening to rubbish on the TV and should be more discerning on how I spend my time.

For my digital page I used a kit called " Rose and Thorn" by Ohana Designs