Monday, December 16, 2013


May I strongly encourage you to pop over to Patter's blog HERE to read her devotional thoughts for this the last challenge for this year.

I decided to centre my page on the first line of the hymn and have used Jesus own words from John 10:10.
How wonderful that He did come, He came as a helpless baby and grew to be a man who walked this earth and gave up His life so we who believe could have the wonderful life He promised us.

( for my digital art I have used a kit called " Silent Night" by Elisha Barnett)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hymn Scripture Challenge with Patter Cross - #20 - I Need Thee Every Hour

Please visit Patter's blog HERE to read her thoughts based on this lovely old hymn.

What a comfort to know that our God is ever present - we need Him and call upon Him in our times of need but He is there all the time. It is us who move away. 

For my digital art I have used the kit "Music of the Heart" which is a collobrative kit by the designers of Go Digital Scrapbooking

Monday, November 4, 2013

Hymn Scripture Challenge with Patter Cross #19 - Immortal, Invisible God Only Wise

Please visit Patter's blog to read what she has shared about this lovely old hymn.

For my small 6 x 6 inch page I decided to highlight the words about the Angel's adoring our Immortal God. The time in history where they truly  worshipped  God was at the Birth of our Saviour - Jesus Christ.
May we also adore our Immortal God and give Him the praise He both desires and deserves.

For my digital artwork I have used a kit called First Noel by Creative Victorian Designs

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hymn Scripture Challenge with Patter Cross - #18 - My Hope Is Built

For this challenge Patter has given us a lovely hymn which I have sung at different times at Church. Please visit Patter's blog HERE to read her devotional thoughts

I decided to highlight the first half of the second verse of the song. We are at a time of the year when there is a change in the seasons but of how wonderful to know that our Saviour's love for us never changes.

Digital kit used for this page was "Colors of Autumn" by Verena Designs

Monday, September 23, 2013

Hymn Scripture Challenge Hosted by Patter Cross - Tell Me The Stories of Jesus

This fortnight our hymn is " Tell Me The Stories of Jesus". Please visit Patter's blog HERE and you can read her devotional thoughts and click on the link to hear the hymn being sung. As I listened I realised I have at sometime in the post sung this hymn.

As I read the second verse of the hymn which I have shared on my digital page, the scripture Mark 10:14 immediately came to mind. Having taught Sunday School for many years and now enjoying the times when I get to read Bible Stories to my granddaughters, I know how important it is to tell the Stories of Jesus to the children.

For my digital art, I found the picture on the web. The kit I used is " Spring Antique" by Danas Footprint Digital Designs. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Hymn Scripture Challenge #16 - I Love to Tell the Story - hosted by Patter Cross

For this fortnight Patter has given us a lovely hymn which I enjoy singing. You can read Patter's devotional thoughts and information about the hymn writer on her blog HERE

I chose to use part of the second verse of the hymn and the portion of scripture because of the importance of us to share the Good News with those who have not heard it.  This is very much a part of my life with my husband having the gift of evangelism. He has a great passion to reach the lost with the Word of God.

For my digital art I have used a kit called "In the Attic" by Ohana Designs

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hymn Scripture Challenge #15 - He Leadeth Me - hosted by Patter Cross

This fortnight Patter chose a lovely hymn which was perfect timing for my husband and I.
Please visit Patter's blog here to read her devotional thoughts.

My husband and I have our house on the market and have found the house to buy that we want to make our new home but there have been a few little set backs which has made us very much aware of the Lord leading us and guiding us along the way.  I would not like to go back to being what I was before I met Jesus and not have the help to make decisions that I now have.
Oh what comfort it is to know who is holding our hand and leading us.

For my digital artwork I have used a kit called " Lilac Dreams" by Durin Eberhart

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hymn Scripture Challenge with Patter Cross - #14 - Breathe on Me, Breath of God

I think I have sung this hymn at sometime in the past. Please visit Patter's blog HERE to read her devotional thoughts and she has shared a link to her Church congregation singing this hymn.

I am not sure why but the last verse of the hymn really stood out to me which is why I have shared it on my digital page. This lead to find a scripture that goes with this verse.

For my digital art I have used a kit called " My  Beautiful Forever" by Designs by Helly

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


This fortnight Patter has shared the hymn " O God Our Help in Ages Past"  to which she has shared some very helpful devotional thoughts. Please visit her blog  HERE

On my digital art I have shared the first verse of the hymn which stood out to me. This year it seems that the Lord keeps bringing to my mind the word "HOPE" as keep coming across it in different places.
I know that presently He is giving me hope in the plans my husband and are making to sell our home and move closer to my daughter and her family. We want to be true grandparents to our grandchildren and not those oldies that visit a few times a year.  So the scripture I have shared - Psalm 33:20 is one I am claiming. Because we have placed our plans in His hands, the Lord is our help and I am believing He will shield us from making any wrong choices. He is faithful and has guided us in the past with major decisions.

For my digital artwork I used a kit called  Spacious Skies by Kathryn Estry.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Patter, this fortnight has given us a hymn I am familiar with.
I could not pass up sharing the words of the third verse as they are such powerful ones - Really there is nothing we should dread or fear when we are leaning in those everlasting arms. The dread and fear arise when we take our focus off Jesus so we must keep our eyes fixed on Him at all times.

For my digital artwork I decided to do a totally flat image as if the background were painted.

For my digital art I used a kit called Color Me Summer by Cindy Rohrbough

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Patter has given us a hymn that I am not familiar with but.... the words are so wonderful that I could not resist including all of them on my digital page.

Please pop over to Patter's blog  HERE to read Patter's devotional thoughts based on this hymn.

Here is my page:
For my digital artwork I have used a lovely kit called "Brookside Manor" by Syndee Nuckles. I have a few of Syndee's kits in my stash as she does some lovely design work.  If you like the kit I used pop over to Scrap Girls HERE to buy the kit. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


The hymn that Patter has given us this time is one that I know I have sung in Church. Not often but when I look at the words the tune comes to my mind.
I chose to share part of the second verse on my digital page along with a scripture which I feel goes well with the words of the hymn.
It is so important in this day when there is so much false teaching ( even in the Churches ) that we claim the words in the hymn and ask God to help us only take notice of the "voices of truth". He has given us an open ear as stated in the scripture but we need to be only taking note of the truth and not letting our ears and minds be filled with things that the Lord does not want us to be concerned about.
I know how often I fail in watching and listening to rubbish on the TV and should be more discerning on how I spend my time.

For my digital page I used a kit called " Rose and Thorn" by Ohana Designs

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hymn Scripture Challenge with Patter Cross - #9 - This is My Father's World

Patter has given us a lovely hymn to work with and is one that I have sung in Church. Please visit Patter's blog HERE so you can read the writer of this hymn and also the encouraging teaching Patter shares in her devotional thoughts.

The segment of the hymn that I have shared on my digital page stood out to me.  It is so true that our Father does speak to us everywhere - especially in nature ( and of course in His written word).  I love to sit at the beach and listen to the waves crash on the rocks or just the noise of them rolling into the beach.  There is something soothing about it and I believe it is God speaking to me ... telling me this is His world and that includes me.... I am His. He created me and then bought me back to Himself with the sacrifice of His precious Son - Jesus, my Lord and Saviour.

For my digital art I used mostly a kit called Feathered Friends by Angela Blanchard and the butterfly by Syndee Nuckles

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hymn Scripture Challenge with Patter Cross - #8 - Faith of Our Fathers

The hymn that Patter has given us for this challenge is one that I am not familiar with.  As I read through the words of the hymn the words "We will strive to win all nations unto thee" stood out to me so I found a scripture which goes well with those words.
The Matthew 24:14 which I have shared on  my digital page stops before some very important words but I chose to not share those on my page as they did not go with the hymn's words. But I will share them now...."And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come."   This end Jesus spoke of, is His second coming. I believe that once the gospel reaches all peoples in the world He will return.  That time is not far away and with so much bad happening in our world, I say as  Revelation 22:20 says  "Amen. Come, Lord Jesus."

For my digital art I used a kit called "Wild Wood" by Tami Miller

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hymn Scripture Challenge with Patter Cross - #7 - Trust Him When Thy Wants are Many

Patter has chosen to share a hymn I am not familiar with, you can see the words to the hymn and hear the tune  HERE.  Also please visit Patter's blog HERE  and read her devotional thoughts about the words of this hymn.

This time Patter was not able to share a copy of the hymn's music for us to use in our artwork and the hymn was not in any of the hymn books I have so I decided to share a hymn that I found when searching as well as adding the title of our given hymn on the digital page I created.

The words from these hymns reminding us to Trust in our Lord are very timely for myself and my husband as we are seeking the Lord's will on a decision to downsize where we live and move closer to where my daughter and her family live.    It definitely will be only if God wants this to happen as we are not in financial position to spend more than what we can get for the home we now live in.  If the door opens for this move it will be a new adventure for us both as we have lived in this home since we married in 1992.

( For my digital art I have used a kit called  "Natural Beauty" by Trixie Scraps.)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hymn Scripture Challenge with Patter Cross - #6 - Come Though Fount of Every Blessing

Patter has given us a hymn that I am not familiar with this fortnight. Please visit her blog HERE to learn more about the hymn writer and read Patter's devotional thoughts.

On my digital page I have shared  part of the second verse as it stood out to me with this weekend being Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday.   When I did a google search on this hymn ( cannot remember why I needed to as Patter had shared with us the piece of music sheet to use in our artwork and that has the words on it ) but I think the Lord wanted me to find that another  version of this hymn has the verse I have shared slightly different.
Instead of   " Interposed His precious blood" it has  "Bought me with His precious blood."
This lead me to look up in the dictionary what the word "interpose" means and the meaning that stood out to me is  "assume an intervening position".    Our Lord, our precious Jesus, did just that  as He hung on that cross - He assumed the intervening position of bearing yours and my sins upon Himself. He took the punishment I deserve.  Thankyou Jesus for your precious blood that was shed for my forgiveness.

( For my digital art I have used a kit called " He is Risen" designed by myself. It is part of a Christian Digital blog Train and if you visit my Digital blog ( see it listed on the right side of this blog ) you can download the kit and then visit the other designers who have taken part in the Blog Train )

Saturday, March 16, 2013


" Love You for You"  is the title I have given this page I created for a challenge over at Stuff to Scrap.
You can find the challenge details   HERE .   We were given the words to the song "What Love Really Means" by JJ Heller, and asked to use something from this song on a layout.  I chose to use the last verse as it means so much to me... to think that the God, I worship - the one true God Loves me for me!.... not for anything I had done or anything I will become.
After I share my page I will share the Youtube of JJ Heller singing the song.  I already owned two of JJ Heller's CDs and after hearing this song because of this challenge I bought the CD that has this song on it.  Sometimes when I am doing my paper crafts or digital scrapbooking  I will play her CDs in the background.

I challenge anyone who visits this blog of mine to also create a page using the same  verse I have as it is such wonderful words and a good reminder  that God's grace is so freely given... we do nothing to deserve it.
If you take up my challenge, please let me know in a comment if you share your page on your blog so I can visit your blog and see what you create.
( I find the "inlinkz" a little confusing for me to use)

Here is my page:

( for my digital art I used a kit called Every Day Love by B2N2 Scraps)

Here is the song:

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hymn Scripture Challenge with Patter Cross - #5 - Cleanse Me

This fortnight Patter has shared a Hymn I am not familiar with and it was not in either of the olde hymn books I have but I did find it in a newer one because the writer of the hymn lived in the 20th century, unlike a lot of the other hymn writers from much earlier times.

I would encourage you to please visit Patter's blog HERE to read about the writer of the hymn and to read Patter's devotional thoughts.

When I read what hymn we were to work with, I did my usual search on Bible Gateway for what scripture I would share in my art and decided on Psalm 139:1.   Then last night ( which was a day later ), I sat to do my Bible Study preparation ready for this weeks KYB Study ( Know Your Bible - studies for women here in Australia ). We are studying some of the Psalms and you possibly will guess... yes this week we are studying Psalm 139.  
It makes me feel so special to realise that God knows me, He know everything about me, He knows where I go, when I go, what I do, what I say, what I think....
He know me so intimately yet, He loves me and forgives me.  What an awesome God we worship.

On my digital page I have shared Psalm 139:1  and the second verse from the hymn as it spoke to me the most -  I was once filled with shame when I first met Jesus and still am at times when the Lord reveals my sins to me. Now I praise Him that he cleanses me.... washes me whiter than snow in His own blood.

For my digital art - template by Seatrout Scraps; kit - Heart Song by Creative Victorian Designs

Friday, March 1, 2013

Hymn Scripture Challenge with Patter Cross - #4 Worthy of Worship

Please visit Patter's blog HERE to read about the hymn she chose for this fortnight - Worthy of Worship.

Once I read which hymn it was this time, the song I will share in a Youtube came to my mind. The God we worship truly is worthy of our worship.

I have a book which I have owned for many years, called "Psalms/Now" by Leslie F Brandt. I thought I would see how Psalm 48 was re-written in this book and I found the words too good not to share them. I really like how the writer has made the psalm personal.
 I have used Psalm 48:1 on my digital page ( not from the book - from NIV Bible).

Psalm 48

How great is my God!
He soars above our poor intellects
like a snow-capped mountain
over a sun-baked desert.
He scatters the profound theories of wise men
like leaves pushed around by a winter wind.
He shatters 
the assembled might of world governments
as an earthquake levels a city.
He reaches down in tenderness
to earth's poor creatures
and draws them to Himself.
Consider with me the greatness of my God.
Measure His judgements;
embrace His eternal love,
Stand tall in your faith
courageous in your commitment,
for He is truly a great God.

For my digital art, I have used a kit called " Every Day with You" by Trixie Scraps; the hymn sheet each fortnight is given to us by Patter.

Now here is the song I said I would share:

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hymn Scripture Challenge with Patter Cross - #3 - My Faith Looks Up to Thee

My Faith Looks Up to Thee is the hymn that Patter has chose for this fortnight. If you pop over to her blog HERE you can read about the writing of this hymn.

On my digital page I have shared the last verse. Maybe the reason this verse stood out to me is because this past weekend was the 1st anniversary of my dear mother's death.
I have shared part of verse 54 in 1 Corinthians 15 on my page and would like to here add the following verse which is a quote from Hosea:

"Where, O death, is your victory?
Where, O death, is your sting?"     1 Corinthians 15:55

Then verse 57:     "But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ"

Oh! what joy and what comfort to know that death does not have any hold over us or any sting to it.

For my digital art I have used a kit called "Creme Brulee" by Lady Bug Designs

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hymn Scripture Challenge with Patter Cross - #2 - It Is Well With My Soul

The hymn " It is Well with My Soul" is one I have sung many times and have heard before  the story behind the writing of this wonderful hymn. Please pop over to Patter's blog to read the very touching story and how strong the faith of the writer of this hymn was.

On my digital art I chose to share the third verse of the hymn as it is a verse that gives me great hope and I knew what scripture I would also share as I knew how well it went with this verse:
My sin oh, the bliss of this glorious thought!
My sin, not in part, but the whole,
is nailed to the cross, and I bear it no more;
Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, O my soul!

The scripture is:
.... having forgiven us all our trespasses, by canceling the record of debt that stood against us with its legal demands. This He set aside, nailing it to the cross.    - Colossians 2:13-14

I found these words about this scripture from The Peoples New Testament Commentary:

Nailing it to the cross. When the Jews nailed Jesus to the cross they drove the nails into their own law. The old dispensation was ended; the blood of the new covenant was shed from the wounds of the nails.

Whenever I watch the movies depicting  the crucifixion and hear the sound of the nails being hammered ( I heard this many times when I acted the part of Mary at the cross during a community presentation of "Christmas the Full Story),  shivers run through my body. How thankful I am that my Saviour took the punishment I deserved.  
Thankyou Jesus for those nails.

For my digital art I used a kit called My Angel by Terry Maruca and also an action by Terry Maruca to create the folded corner.

Week 4 in the Bible Study

With this being the final week of the study we were asked to apply what we learnt to ourselves.
Here is my final page:

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Week 3 in the Bible Study

For week 3 we were asked to look at the contrasts, comparisons and repeated words we had marked last week.

Here is my page now:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bible Study with On Step Away International - Psalm 1

Here is the instructions given for this week of the study:
(copyrighted instructions - used by permission)

As you may know, the keys to inductive study are reading, reading and re-reading the text to see what it says (i.e., observation), and prayer, asking God to guide our thoughts and open our eyes and hearts as we read to see what He says.

This week as we read and pray, we will mark repeated words, words that are key to the sense of the text. If they are key words but not repeated, don't mark them.
I usually start with God or Jesus the first time through (mark each word in a separate reading -- re-reading is one of our goals and marking is a tool to help us do several things including re-reading). It is during this step of marking God that I usually see another repeated word. Then I begin the process again with the next word which often reveals another ... Yes, synonyms count! 

As you're reading keep in mind the "5 W's and an H" -- those interrogatives, when, where, why, who, what and how. Who was writing, who was the audience, what was the context, what is the action, what is the problem, what was the writer's/speaker's goal, how is it accomplished, when does this happen, etc. 

Read again marking any comparisons and contrasts.
Read again marking any expressions of time.
Read again marking any terms of conclusion.
Read again marking any terms of purpose. Note: sometimes "that" is one and sometimes it's not. A good test is to try "in order that" if it works, then this particular "that" is a term of purpose.

Maybe this sounds familiar even if you're new to inductive study. It's possible you were taught something similar in school. In the 90s I did a brief seminar in Holland on inductive study for an international church in Eindhoven. An African fellow asked me why we were approaching the Bible as he'd been taught to study literature. He was concerned proper reverence wasn't being given to God's Holy words, that mystical creation ... admirable attitude. I admit he had me stumped, but out of my mouth came these words, "When God chose to speak to man, He did it in a ... book." That made sense to him, and boy howdy was I glad! 

Bless you as you read, pray, mark AND continue to note questions that arise from the text. Please include them in your scrap as well. You can always put a flower or something on top of them if you want to keep them private! 

And this is how my page with notes now looks:

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hymn Scripture Challenge with Patter Cross - 2013 - # 1 - Lift High the Cross

To start the year off Patter has shared an old hymn that I do not remember ever singing - Lift High the Cross.
If you would like to read about the writer of this hymn and also hear a version of this hymn please visit Patter's blog  HERE

This year as I am busy with added commitments I am only making a  6 x 6 digital page for these challenges. I display them in sleeves from an album and hung on a frame that my husband made for me.

I found a longer version of the hymn and liked a verse that was not included on the version that Patter shared. So that is the verse I have shared on my artwork along with a Scripture that I felt fitted the verse well.
Here are some words by Oswald Chambers that I found:

"I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto Me."  
( these are Jesus words found in John 12:32)
The one thing we have to do is to exhibit Jesus Christ crucified, to lift Him up all the time. Every doctrine that is not embedded in the Cross of Jesus will lead astray. 

Here is my artwork:

( for the digital artwork I have used - paper and journal may by Zesty Digi Designs; flower by Tami Miller; flourish by Brandy Murry; 

Thursday, January 10, 2013


This month I am not hosting a Faith Challenge as I have done during the last two months. I may be back next month with one.

But I would like to encourage anyone to join me in the Bible Study I am taking part in over at One Step Away International : you can register HERE

I have chosen Psalm 1 for my study this month and I will share my initial page ready for adding my study notes to :

The digital paper I used is by Thao Cosgrove

As I take part in this Bible Study ( a form of study I have never done before ) I plan on sharing what I do as it progresses. If there is any really personal things the Lord brings out in this study I may need to blank those out when I share my page. I am a little excited to take part in this study and look forward to where the Lord will lead me as I study this lovely Psalm.