Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bible Study with On Step Away International - Psalm 1

Here is the instructions given for this week of the study:
(copyrighted instructions - used by permission)

As you may know, the keys to inductive study are reading, reading and re-reading the text to see what it says (i.e., observation), and prayer, asking God to guide our thoughts and open our eyes and hearts as we read to see what He says.

This week as we read and pray, we will mark repeated words, words that are key to the sense of the text. If they are key words but not repeated, don't mark them.
I usually start with God or Jesus the first time through (mark each word in a separate reading -- re-reading is one of our goals and marking is a tool to help us do several things including re-reading). It is during this step of marking God that I usually see another repeated word. Then I begin the process again with the next word which often reveals another ... Yes, synonyms count! 

As you're reading keep in mind the "5 W's and an H" -- those interrogatives, when, where, why, who, what and how. Who was writing, who was the audience, what was the context, what is the action, what is the problem, what was the writer's/speaker's goal, how is it accomplished, when does this happen, etc. 

Read again marking any comparisons and contrasts.
Read again marking any expressions of time.
Read again marking any terms of conclusion.
Read again marking any terms of purpose. Note: sometimes "that" is one and sometimes it's not. A good test is to try "in order that" if it works, then this particular "that" is a term of purpose.

Maybe this sounds familiar even if you're new to inductive study. It's possible you were taught something similar in school. In the 90s I did a brief seminar in Holland on inductive study for an international church in Eindhoven. An African fellow asked me why we were approaching the Bible as he'd been taught to study literature. He was concerned proper reverence wasn't being given to God's Holy words, that mystical creation ... admirable attitude. I admit he had me stumped, but out of my mouth came these words, "When God chose to speak to man, He did it in a ... book." That made sense to him, and boy howdy was I glad! 

Bless you as you read, pray, mark AND continue to note questions that arise from the text. Please include them in your scrap as well. You can always put a flower or something on top of them if you want to keep them private! 

And this is how my page with notes now looks:


  1. Fabulous!! Lookin' good! This was the "hard" week. You're home free. Proud of you :)

  2. A lovely expression of the hymn for challenge #1. I especially like how you have depth in your page.



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