Monday, December 28, 2015

Glory Art Challenge #21 hosted by Patter Cross - His Gift and His Love

Please visit Patter's blog HERE to read her teaching for this last challenge for 2015.

I created a very quick little digital page for this challenge. I am so liking my The Voice Bible and the way different verses are worded.
How true that we do waste our lives in sin before we come to know God's wonderful love and the wonderful gift He gave us in Jesus.
I think sometimes even after giving our hearts and lives to Jesus, we still can waste our lives in doing unnecessary things.
May this coming year of 2016 be a year for you, those who visit my blog, and myself ,  a year of not wasting our lives but may our lives bring glory to our Loving Saviour.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Glory Art Challenge hosted by Patter Cross - #20 - Truth for living

Life has become quite hectic for me lately and I missed not doing the last challenge and did my artwork for this one some days ago but forgot to share it on my blog.

If you have not already done so please visit Patter's blog  HERE   so you can read her teaching for this fortnight.

I really enjoyed creating my page and used it for a challenge over at Gotta Pixel

digital kit used - Whispering Wood by Designs by Helly; font - CasalancaAntique

Friday, October 30, 2015

Glory Art - 18 - THANKFUL hosted by Patter Cross

Please visit Patter's blog here  to read her teaching about the theme she chose for us - Thankful.

I recently received in the mail my new The Voice Bible so I used a verse from that version for my digital artwork.

For my artwork I used a kit called Give Thanks by A-M Designs (this is me - I designed this kit some time ago for the monthly blog train I take part in. I have recolored the bow and the background paper a little.  You are welcome to download the kit from my other blog  HERE

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Glory Art Challenge #17 Discouraged - hosted by Patter Cross

If you have not done so, please visit Patter's blog HERE and read what she has shared for this challenge.

When I found the scripture I wanted to use on my digital page I wanted to make it personal. It is a promise to me and to anyone else who truly believes in the Eternal One - our God and Father. We have not need to be afraid or discouraged because He is with us always - He will never leave us.

( Digital kit used - Proverbs 31 by Lori Imel ) 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Glory Art Challenge with Patter Cross - #16 - Humility

If you have not done so, please visit Patter's blog  HERE    so can read Patter's thoughts on the subject she chose for us this fortnight.

Here  is my small CD size page:

For my digital art I used a kit called "In the Attic" which is a collaborative kit at Go Digital Scrapbooking.  The button is from my stash and is by Angie Briggs.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Glory Art Challenge hosted by Patter Cross - #15 - Christ Esteem

It is nearly time for another challenge and I have only just created something  for this #15. 

If you have not already done so please pop over to Patter's blog  HERE and read her teaching on the theme for this challenge. 

"People are not your audience, God is."   This is something that Patter shared on her blog and it is to true and yet I so often live my life the opposite.  I live my life as though I am trying to please the world but no, that is not what the Lord is saying to me.  I need to take hold of the scripture I have used on my digital artwork. I need to look to the Lord to sustain me - not me sustain myself. 

for my artwork I used products by Lori Imel in her kit called "Summer in Bloom" and the paint splatter is by JIC Creations from Summer Fun.
fonts - Italianno, Archistico, and Spinstee

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Glory Art Challenge with Patter Cross - #14 - Maturity

Please visit Patter's blog  HERE   to read her teaching on her chosen theme of "Maturity".

The verse I have shared is from the Voice version of the Bible and I felt the words fitted the theme well.
We should not be thinking like children but still should be innocent about the evil and sinfulness of the world around us - in other words we are not to have any part of it.  We need to be mature in our understanding and to do this we need to get to know God's word more and more so we can recall it to mind when the things of the world tempt us to go the wrong way, make the wrong choices, say the wrong things.

For my art I decided to use childish embellishments which was fun as I do not think I have used this digital kit ever before.

( digital kit used - Kindergarten Kisses by Kathryn Estry Designs; font - KG Primary Penmanship)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Glory Art Challenge with Patter Cross - #13 - Religion

This fortnight Patter's theme is "Religion".  Please read her thoughts here

It took me sometime to find the Scripture that I wanted to use but eventually the Lord lead me to the one I needed. I feel it works so well with the truth in the quote I have also used on my page.
Our Heavenly Father wants a personal relationship with us... nothing we can do will earn us His love. He already loves us because He allowed His Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ to die in our place.

I saw the black branches reaching up on my page symbolize us trying to reach up to God which is what "religion" tries to do. The reality is that God reached down to us.

Here is a link to a song by The Imperials which was a group I enjoyed and I think I owned two of their records back in the early 80s.  When I first heard the song, I reacted negatively but when I really listened to the words it all makes sense....   our Christian denomination ( the Church we worship with) does not get us to Heaven.

Here is my artwork:

The digital kit I used is by Red Dog Designs and is a free one given to members over at Just Art Scrapbooking

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Glory Art Challenge hosted by Patter Cross - #12 - God's Will

If you have not already visited Patter's blog, please do so HERE  so you can read her teaching based on her chosen theme for this fortnight.

The scripture I  used is from The Voice Bible.  Most other versions of the Bible have the word "sanctified" instead of "set yourselves apart and live holy lives".  This is  truly the meaning of the word sanctified... set apart, holy.
My husband and I many years ago came across a book everyone should read and I should possibly read it again as it is only small. The book is  "Found God's Will" by John Macarthur JR.  Briefly the book teaches that there are 6 steps to finding God's Will and these are the steps:
We are to be   Saved
                       Spirit Filled
and if all these are operating in your life...... Do Whatever You Want

If you are living a life of being Saved ( believe in Jesus death on your behalf) , Spirit Filled (allow the Holy Spirit to fill your life ), Sanctified (living a holy life) , Submissive ( to God), Suffering ( even brief persecution for your faith), then you will only want to do the things God wants you to.

I enjoyed creating my digital page for this. I made the frame with the words,  following a tutorial I found on a new Digital Scrapbooking forum I have just discovered and become active on - Just Art Scrapbooking.

I have used the digital kit Home Sweet Home by Wisteria Moments

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Glory Art Challenge hosted by Patter Cross - #11 - Share

I finally found time to create a page for this challenge of Patters. Please visit her blog  HERE to read her teaching centered on the word she chose for us this fortnight - " share".

When deciding what scripture to use on my digital art, I felt led in the direction of us sharing our faith with others and I felt this verse from 1 Peter 5 was a good teaching.  We are to share our faith by the example we set for others.  When talking about Jesus and what He did for us in dying on the cross for our sins, we are not to "lord it over" those we talk to.... we are not speak in a way that makes the person feel inferior.

( for my digital art I used a kit called Blue Fantasy by Indigo Designs)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Glory Art Challenge with Patter Cross - #10 STILL

For this challenge Patter has given us the word STILL and you can find her teaching on her blog HERE
Once I read the word, I knew I just had to use one of my well quoted verses - Psalm 46:10 . It is a verse a Christian friend gave me some years ago when I was getting over busy with caring for my elderly parents. So the Lord keeps reminding me at times that I let my life get too busy and do not stop and just "Be Still".  
The digital items I chose to work with because... the blue paper which you can see glimpse of newspaper represents that we let the world events take our focus of being Still with God. The Butterfly is because even though it is a gentle creature ... it is a very busy one and at times when you watch them they do not rest for long. The heart flowers represents our Triune God.

for my digital art I used two kits by Vera Lim - Lavender Sweetie and Blue Meadow

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Glory Art with Patter Cross - #9 - Hope and Rest

Please visit Patter's blog HERE so you can read what you has shared and also she has shared a link to a song with very encouraging words.

When I went to Bible Gateway to find a verse or maybe two to use in my digital art I found Psalm 62:5 which included both Hope and Rest.  It is only the hope we have in our Lord that enables us to rest in Him.

For my digital artwork I used a kit called  Anitas Prayer Journal by Kathryn Estry

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Glory Art Challenge with Patter Cross - #8 - Prayer

Please visit Patter's blog HERE  to read what she has shared for this fortnight's challenge.

I had chosen my scripture but had not found what to also include on my digital piece of artwork. Then this afternoon I read a small devotion  from "One Quiet Moment" by Lloyd Jon Ogilivie and the Lord pointed out what I should share on my page. God's timing is so perfect.

I have been busy lately with my digital scrapbooking and next month I open my first digital store which is within a digital scrapbooking online store. I really felt the Lord lead me to do this as it came about in a way I had not been looking for. For two years I have been designing mini kits which I give away on my other blog ( A-M ) as part of a small group of other Christian Designers and it was through this that I was offered to become a paid Designer. I have been dabbling in designing since 2009 and have taken part in two designer contests. The last one I competed in I made it to the last round and pulled out as I felt I was not ready to be involved in selling my designs. Now I am ready - the Lord prepared me for it - I just needed to be patient and wait for His timing. In the store I am about to start selling at there is another Christian Designer who is fairly new at designing and I have taken her under my wing and have been helping  and encouraging her.  

Here is my art for this fortnight:

Digital products - frame by Laitha; wordart, paper and flower from Prayer and Praise by Thao Cosgrove.  Image of the praying hands found on the internet. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Glory Art Challenge with Patter Cross - #7 - Anxious

Please visit Patter's blog HERE  so that you can read her thoughts about this fortnight's word - ANXIOUS.
This is a teaching I need to be taught over and over. I always seem to slip back into being anxious over little things. The morning after I read Patter's teaching on this, God wanted to give me a gentle nudge as in the Daily Bread reading my Husband and I do each morning at breakfast the words by Oswald Chambers were shared that I have used on my digital artwork.

Digital kit used - Shabby by Sandie Pie Creations

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Glory Art Challenge with Patter Cross - #6 - Follower

When I read Patter's devotion which you can read HERE , it was one of those times when God was reaffirming a teaching.  Just the week prior to this, our Church held a night for those interested to see a DVD about "Being a Fan or Follower" of Jesus. We were not able to attend this event but did decide to borrow the DVD to watch it ourselves.
It does make you stop and think... " Am I just a fan of Jesus.... am I really a follower???" He wants me to and He asks  me to follow Him, so as the song/hymn says... " I have decided to follow Jesus...."

A chorus from a Hymn we sang in a Church I attended quite some years ago came to my mind after reading Patter's teaching so I had to search the old hymn books I have to find it as I did not know the title or first line of the hymn.  "Mr Google" helped me to find the title.
My digital page is a very simple one but in the kit I used there just happened to be the flair  with "you have my heart (drawing)" so I added the word Jesus.

Digital kit used -  All About You by Vera Lim

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Glory Art #5 - Not Alone - hosted by Patter Cross

Please visit Patter's blog  HERE so you can read the  teaching and story behind the words she chose for us to work with - Not Alone.  She has shared the song of which I shared two lines on my digital page.
It is always good to be reminded that we are never alone.  The scripture from Deuteronomy 31 is a really good verse to memorize for those times when we do forget that the Lord has promised to always be with us.
  I was thinking of using a verse from Psalm 23 as it is a Psalm that comes to my mind at times as it was the last scripture my sister and I read to my father the day he died so then it was the Psalm that was read at his funeral.

(digital kit used - Ode to Music by Meagans Creations )

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Glory Art Challenge with Patter Cross - #4 - Wisdom

Please visit Patter's blog HERE to read her devotional thoughts centred on the chosen word "Wisdom" for this fortnight's challenge.

The day I read the challenge details and devotion was the day my husband and I do a Bible Study with our neighbour across the road who is a quadriplegic man in a wheelchair living with his elderly mother. He has carers come to his home to get him out of bed in the morning and then into bed at night ( his mother is not capable of doing this - she is in her early 80s).  David is a Born Again Christian and delights in Ken and I doing these studies with him - God was definitely in control with our decision to move to this little town.  Back to the theme "Wisdom"  that afternoon in our study we just happened to come across the verse in James that I have shared on my artwork.   God's perfect timing.
When looking for a quote to include on my page, once I saw the one I have used... I just had to use it as my word for this year is "LISTEN".

( digital kit used - Its Just Life Stuff by Ponytails )

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Glory Art Scripture Challenge with Patter Cross - #3 - Truth

Please visit Patter's blog HERE so you can read her teaching based on the word "Truth".

When searching for what Bible verse to use for my digital artwork I came across the Good News Bible's version of Psalm 51:6 which I have used on my page.
I am claiming this verse as a prayer for myself because I know that I need the Lord's help to have my mind filled with His wisdom. I cannot do it in my own strength.

For my digital artwork I recently discovered Digital Scraper and have been watching and reading through the great tutorials they have and I wanted to try something I have learnt on this page - the stenciling of a word. It was fun to create and I can see me doing more of this.

(for my digital artwork I used a kit called - Anitas Prayer Journal by Kathryn Estry at Gotta Pixel )

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Glory Art with Patter Cross - #2 - Representative

My husband and I returned from a wonderful holiday - cruised to New Zealand and stayed on with my brother and his wife for a week at Rotorua. The cruise was great - enjoyed everything about it. Then our time with my brother was good ( no real opportunities to verbally share our faith but we let them know we do live for Jesus by what we do with the money we raise through the crafts we sell).
With being away I was unable to create something for Patter's first challenge but I have done something for this second one.

Today in Church our Pastor commenced the theme for this year and it is "Sharing Life - Sharing Christ".  As I read Patter's teaching (  HERE )  it all fitted together so well. I just had to use the words from our Church theme on my page along with one of the verses that Patter suggested.
To truly share our lives we do need to be holy in what we say and do and in doing this we share Christ with the world.