Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Glory Art Rewind 2018 - #1-Example

This year Patter has decided to revisit some of her challenges from past years and share again those thoughts and add more teaching to them.
For the first for this year she chose the word "Example" and you can read her teaching HERE

This year for my art I going to do some hybrid ATCs - front and backs and display them on the stand I bought and used for the very first Scripture Challenges I took part in with Patter back in 2008 - wow!  that is 10 years ago. Where has that time gone?

On this first ones I used my rubber stamps just lightly using Versamark stamp pad. I like to dig out my old stamps and make use of them.
The song I found to share on the back of the ATC is one I had not heard of before and I really like the words. I will share a link to the Youtube video and if I can I will also share the words.

Here is photographs of my ATCs for this first challenge of the year:
For my digital art I used a paper by Kim Jensen and splatters by Tangie Baxter.

Link to the video of the song: https://youtu.be/dpr9M8GDDCE

"Jesus To The World"

A little girl who is hungry
Prays for something she can eat
A single mom doing all she can
Finds herself out on the street
Will we see their need and hear their cries
Look at our watch and just walk on by
Or will we stop and take the time
To be Jesus in their lives

We need to be lambs that roar
We need to be eagles that soar
We need to be salt
We need to be light
We need to be Jesus to the world
We need to take love into the streets
Be willing to turn the other cheek
We need to be strong
We need to be weak
We need to be Jesus
Jesus to the world

Jesus came with a message
That would change the way we live
He showed us all by example
What the heart of heaven is
He saw our need and He heard our cry
He loved us so much that He gave His life
He taught us by his sacrifice
How we should live our lives

[repeat chorus]

We need to be Jesus
Jesus to the world