Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Glory Art Challenge #12 - Good (hosted by Patter Cross)

If you have not visited Patters blog please do so HERE so you can read the devotional thoughts she shared for this last challenge of the year.

I have missed quite a few months this year but hopefully next year I will be diligent to take part.
My page is totally a digital page. I felt lead to share the verse that I have and I like the wording I have used which is from the International Childrens Bible.

I hope those who visit this blog have a very safe and happy Christmas.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

November Bible Study at Let Me Be a Blessing

This month I have started to host a Bible Study at the forum - Let Me Be A Blessing which you can find HERE and anyone who visits my blog are welcome to join as it is a place to share your Christian faith. There are  some Digital Scrapbookers involved in the site but anyone is welcome as it is not a scrapbooking forum.

The Bible Study is based on the scriptures used for the We Believe Blog Train which is something I have been involved with for some years. It is a group of Christian designers who create kits for giving away. It is a form of ministry in that is provides those who visit the blogs the opportunity to have bible based digital items for their memory pages.   You can find my blog for this HERE

I have created a digital page using items from the digital kit I designed and based on the Bible Study of  1 Thessalonians 5:16-22

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Glory Art Challenge with Patter Cross - #4 - Legacy

If you have not come from Patter's blog please visit her blog HERE  to read her teaching for this month.

When I went to create my digital parts to my artwork I remembered that one time the Christian Blog train I take part in each month had the theme "Leaving a Legacy" so I found the mini kit I has designed and used it for my artwork. The quote I have used was Word Art in my kit and I felt worked very well for this month.

It is so important to leave a legacy to our children and grandchildren. I am enjoying the opportunities to share Jesus with my Grandchildren. I feel more freedom in sharing the Good News with them than with their mother right now. My Daughter is still not saved. I am praying that it will be her children that will lead Ruth and their Dad, Michael to the Lord.

If you visit my blog and do digital scrapbooking, this is the kit I created some years ago that I used for my artwork and you are welcome to download the kit HERE
It is not a very good kit as it was in my early days of designing.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Glory Art Challenge - #3 - The Details

This monthly challenge is hosted by Patter Cross so if you have not come from Patter's blog please visit her blog here and read her Bible Teaching on her chose theme for this month - The Details.

Because my life is fairly busy and I was finding it to much pressure to create my canvas art for this challenge I have now chosen to do something smaller and use a lot of digital artwork for it along with old bibles I bought from Op shops.  I did paint the pale green background for my page this month. I am using a child's board book which I peeled the top color paper layer from each page. I will go back and do the first two challenges on the previous page to this one. The book is not big enough for 12 full double pages. When I do #1 and #2 I will share them.

I really enjoyed this month's challenge and the scripture I chose to work with - Psalm 139:3 is worded so well from The Voice  Bible.  It is so encouraging to know how our Great God knows all the details of  "ME' and yet still loves me so much.  I found the title in the Good News Bible I am tearing up for my artwork had the perfect title for Psalm 139 - " God's Complete Knowledge and Care" so I have included that on my page.

Closer up so that you can hopefully read all that is shared on this:

For my digital art I have used a kit with a fitting title "Apple of my Eye" by Chelles Creations ( This designer is no longer designing) 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Glory Art Challenge with Patter Cross - #2 - Happiness or Joy

If you have not done so already please pop over to Patter's blog HERE as her devotional thoughts on Happiness or Joy is worth reading.

It is so true that as believers in Jesus Christ, we can have joy no matter our circumstances are. It is not the joy that the world thinks of - it is deep seated joy in knowing the love of our Heavenly Father because of what Jesus has done for us in dying on the cross for our sins.  The scripture I chose for my artwork - John 15:11  " these things I have spoken to you, that my joy in you may remain, and your joy may be full."   It is Jesus joy within us - nothing to do with our outside influences that we are to take hold of.

For my artwork this time I did not get any paint on my fingers. I was pushed for time this week in wanting to get my artwork created. I looked in my stash of old pieces of background papers I created years ago and found the ones I have used. Here is a link to some ideas of using ink pads and is you read the section "distressing" that is the technique I used all those years ago to create my papers just using photo copy paper.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Glory Art 2016 with Patter Cross - #1 - Limitless

A new year of Scripture Challenges which I always enjoy.
If you have not already done so please visit Patter's blog HERE so you can read the thoughts that Patter has shared.
This year her challenges will be monthly which suits me well as this year I am doing real paper arts for my artwork on small canvases.

I chose to use stars in my artwork  because of the star systems being so far reaching and to us they do seem limitless.  How wonderful to worship a God whose understanding and His great love is limitless. There are no boundaries to whom He loves and is willing to forgive.

To create my art I did enjoy getting paint on my fingers. I used a Gelli Art Plate that I have owned for two years and never used. I did mono printing to create the deep blue metallic with stars paper. I used my oil pastels to create the border around the canvas. The flower was created using some of the printed paper I created. I had intended to use my own handwriting for the scripture and did try it but it looked not so nice as I have shocking handwriting.

I am displaying my canvases each month on a very small artist easel.