Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Scripture Lessons and Lyrics by Patter Cross - #8 - Life My Life Up

I have been having a busy time lately and not getting to my computer so much but I did get a page created for this fortnight with Patter. Please visit her blog HERE. You can read her devotional thoughts and see a link to the song. I had not heard of this one before.
With some plans happening in my life lately the words from the song that I have used on my digital art piece stood out to me. So then I went to the Bible Gateway website to find a scripture that would work well with those words.
The plans are nothing serious... just my husband and I this week booked a cruise to travel from Australia ( where we live) to New Zealand where my brother lives. My brother is excited about us coming to visit and see the home he has made with his wife in New Zealand.  I went on a cruise way way back when I was only 23. My husband has never been on one. It should be an adventure for us both.

Here is my page:

(for my digital art I used a kit called Crafty Me by Wimpy Chompers)

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  1. Beautiful work Anne-Marie! Hope you enjoy your cruise and visit to your brother. I am looking forward to my cousin visiting us from Australia in July. The last time we saw her she was about 2 years old and I was at elementary school! [more than 40 years ago !]


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